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Why Do Swimmers Shave Their Armpits

Some of the reasons are hygienic.

Why do swimmers shave their armpits. Since then many studies have been conducted including one by nasa. This is only partially true. Competitive swimmers are known to shave their entire body. Some female swimmers might trim down that area as womens swim suits are cut differently than mens and they might want to avoid a few embarrassing hairs sticking out but this is by no means a.

Some of the most manly men in our society shave their armpits for different reasons. The arms cover a large surface area of the body and are therefore an important area to shave as it will help to lower drag and increase the swimmers feel for the water. The practice of shaving became popular back in the 1950s when two male swimmers showed up for the olympics after shaving their bodies not just their armpits. Swimmers shave their entire bodies including their arms legs torso chest and back.

There actually is good reason for it. A study conducted by the american college of sports medicine compared freshly shaven swimmers with a control group in the pool. Other reasons are practical or have to do with pure aesthetics. Its odorless until it conspires with bacteria to produce the dreaded bo.

While removal of hairs is definitely helpful in making ones body more aerodynamic in the water the real purpose of shaving is to remove the thin layer of dead skin cells that coat the outer layer of the epidermis. Both won gold medals. Thats what happens in the armpits when the apocrine glands release their milky substance. However a popular myth that needs to be dispelled is that swimmers shave to rid their body of excess hairs.

Studies show that removal of body hair has a direct impact on performance a substantial one at that. One of the benefits of shaving your armpits is that you rid it of hair that provides a base for your apocrine glands.